Red Canoe Images is located in Toronto and was established in 2016.There is nothing more rewarding than photographing a smile, a laugh, or a tear as you have just captured a moment in time ‘on film’.  Photography gives the viewer a unique view into peoples lives.  Images can evoke happiness or sadness, other times empathy or sympathy but always freezing a moment in time.

Athletes are our passion, we love to capture the emotion of the event whether a training session or competition.

I have been passionate about photography for years, beginning with a trip to South Africa and going on a safari.  Before this trip my wife bought me a 35mm camera and an incredible zoom lens to catch the elephants, lions, zebras, monkeys and giraffes and from then I was hooked.  It was after that experience that I became more serious about capturing images and tried whenever possible to take photos.  I have been fortunate to travel to the US, Italy, Mexico, England, France, Switzerland, Croatia, and Belgium and at every stop I take as many pictures as possible in my pursuit of taking the perfect image.

This website is a work in progress where I will post as many photos as possible as I continue my passion for photography. 

Please contact us if we can help capture your event or special day.


Lightroom filters capturing the feeling of the movie "300"
Lightroom filters capturing the feeling of the movie “300”
 Winter photography

Taking pictures at the 2016 World Tubing Championships in -22*C weather, while it is snowing.

Photo credit: Photos by MG



















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